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Aug 28 2008

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On the Trail Again….

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Lon Parks, Secretary                                                                                  1701 Cache Road
                                                                                                                    Lawton, OK  73507



Our meeting on September 4th should be a good one. Remember it is at 7:00 PM at 1609 NW Euclid. We have promises from everyone that I know who is connected in any way, shape or form with Trails in Lawton, Ft Sill, the Wildlife refuge, etc. A lot is happening on all fronts. Tom Cook, who is the City Planning Department’s new guy in charge of the Bike and Jogging Trails, will explain where the first segment of our Lawton Trails will begin and end, and what sort of grant that he will be requesting.In response to the reduction in School Bussing by LPS the Safe Routes to School program is being expanded and Jannette New and Brenda Hatch will be with us to discuss this.Also, Rick Johnson from the State DOT department will give us a perspective from their department as well as explaining how the grant process works.

We will also have Jeff Rupert from the Wildlife Refuge to talk about progress on the trail in the Refuge and also comment on the trail in from Cache.

Brenda Spencer Ragland with Family Morale, Welfare and Recreation at Ft Sill will talk about the possibility of Lawton Trails connecting with a Ft Sill Trail system. I think that this is the “Tipping Point” in our Southwest Oklahoma area. Projects are in all different states and many will tie together in the long run giving us a wonderful place to live and a chance to enjoy a healthy lifestyle for ourselves and our families.See you the 4th,Lon Parks, SecretaryFriends of Trail




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